Selecting Flythe Construction Company as your design-build contractor gives you, the owner, significant advantages.

Key benefits:

  • One Source Responsibility – the owner looks to one entity for all his needs and questions
  • Guaranteed Project Cost – know what the project investment will be before costly design services are complete
  • Time – the total time from the concept through design and construction is significantly shortened, reducing finance costs of construction loans and temporary facilities, resulting in quicker occupancy that will meet the needs of the owner
  • Balance – provides a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and affordability using all the key team members working together on the initial project concept


Design: We have been a partner in the design of a broad range of projects for over 40 years. That involvement and experience gives us a solid foundation in understanding economical construction methods and practices that lower project costs and eliminate expensive redesign fees as well as reduce the time from the initial design to occupancy.
Execution: Our construction teams have in-house assets including carpenters, metal workers, iron workers, concrete and masonry workers, as well as proven supervisors. We do not depend on sub-contractors to provide all of our resources. Even the portions that are sub-contracted can be quickly and effectively supplemented, if necessary, to maintain the project schedule without additional cost to the owner. All our leaders are trained to work within the owners budget and time constraints through experienced management.
Expansion: Our project designs always consider the need for the owner to expand his business in the future. Careful master planning is a proven technique to lower overall costs, construction time, and create effective use of the available site.

Reference Accounts

North Raleigh Christian Academy

Flythe worked with the owner and Architectural firm of Design-Development to provide a state of the art private school campus. This 180,000 square foot facility was completed within budget and had an early completion.

Pylon, Inc.

This industrial park was created and constructed over several years. It involved the design-build abilities of Flythe and the owner to provide this office and warehouse complex at competitive lease rates.


Church construction is unique. Working with committees to meet the needs that will accommodate growth, yet remain within constrained budgets is always a challenge. Flythe has proven itself time and time again as a valuable resource in this type of design-build need. As a leading builder of religious facilities in the area, we have successfully utilized both our resources and those provided by the church to achieve our common goals.