Custom Home

This custom home was completed by Flythe Construction Company in fall of 2014. Unique features include timber interior columns and trusses made of douglas fir, exterior timber columns and gable trusses made of western red cedar, rustic hickory flooring, and rare quartzite countertops called Elegant Brown. As a custom home, we were able to blend modern techniques with old school comforts and building practices. While many tract homes are built with thin foundation walls, manufactured stone exteriors, and OSB sheathing that boast quicker installs and cost savings, we think that sometimes spending a little bit more time and money pay large dividends in the long run.

The homeowner wanted a stout structure, energy efficiency, and as little maintenance as possible. Foundation walls were poured in place concrete with closed cell foam insulation. Exterior walls were framed with 2×6 studs to fully utilize the open cell foam insulation and the fireplace was built for a man – for burning wood. Nothing beats the crackle and pop of a real wood fireplace. The fireplace mantel was hand crafted from a large oak that fell nearby. Tongue and groove cedar planks were milled from trees on the property and installed in the closets. All floors, doors, and stained moulding were finished with Waterlox. The list goes on and on!

The custom attributes of this home really add to its character and ensure that it will stand up to the test of time.












More interior pictures to follow!

Metal Building Addition

We are adding on to an existing Star Metal Building for the USDA in Raleigh. The cold temperatures delayed the footings and slab pours, but when that finally worked out we were able to quickly erect the steel and standing seam roof. Of course, the temperatures plunged again and we’re waiting on the precast caps to be installed on the brick wainscot so we can complete the wall insulation and metal panels.
One of the many advantages of metal building construction is the speed in which the are completed. Whereas a large facility with traditional steel and other types of construction can require many weeks to build, a pre-engineered metal building can be finished in a much smaller amount of time. Not only this, but the engineering, welding, and other detailed work takes place before the product leaves the manufacturing facility.
If you’re thinking of building a new facility or expanding your existing facility, choose a Star Metal Building and choose Flythe Construction Company! Don’t forget, we provide maintenance on metal buildings, too!

Beautiful carpentry

In the world of commercial construction, sometimes it’s difficult for the untrained eye to find the beauty in an office park or warehouse space. Unless we’re building a church with ornate millwork or an office with fine wood trim, we don’t always get the opportunity to show the admirable craftsmanship involved in carpentry. However, we wanted to feature a wooden ramp that was renovated for a client. The premium wood decking was laid out to maximize the lengths of the boards while minimizing seams, and plus, it looks beautiful. The wood was then stained with a 94% solids, oil based, penetrating finish that won’t peel or crack over the life of the deck. Lumber was carefully selected to reduce the risk of cupping, warping, and bowing while meticulous spacing of fasteners and boards ensured a handsome look and dependable function. The carpentry and materials may have cost a little more, but the value in quality workmanship is certainly much greater for the client.

Flythe Construction Company’s New Website!

As the first post on our new website we would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Our website has started its transformation as of yesterday, and we will be adding more news of recent projects, photos of completed work, and building tips after the holidays. We are excited and hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday. Also, let’s always remember that the greatest Gift that has ever been given is Jesus the Christ, our Savior and Redeemer.