Metal Building Addition

We are adding on to an existing Star Metal Building for the USDA in Raleigh. The cold temperatures delayed the footings and slab pours, but when that finally worked out we were able to quickly erect the steel and standing seam roof. Of course, the temperatures plunged again and we’re waiting on the precast caps to be installed on the brick wainscot so we can complete the wall insulation and metal panels.
One of the many advantages of metal building construction is the speed in which the are completed. Whereas a large facility with traditional steel and other types of construction can require many weeks to build, a pre-engineered metal building can be finished in a much smaller amount of time. Not only this, but the engineering, welding, and other detailed work takes place before the product leaves the manufacturing facility.
If you’re thinking of building a new facility or expanding your existing facility, choose a Star Metal Building and choose Flythe Construction Company! Don’t forget, we provide maintenance on metal buildings, too!

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