Beautiful carpentry

In the world of commercial construction, sometimes it’s difficult for the untrained eye to find the beauty in an office park or warehouse space. Unless we’re building a church with ornate millwork or an office with fine wood trim, we don’t always get the opportunity to show the admirable craftsmanship involved in carpentry. However, we wanted to feature a wooden ramp that was renovated for a client. The premium wood decking was laid out to maximize the lengths of the boards while minimizing seams, and plus, it looks beautiful. The wood was then stained with a 94% solids, oil based, penetrating finish that won’t peel or crack over the life of the deck. Lumber was carefully selected to reduce the risk of cupping, warping, and bowing while meticulous spacing of fasteners and boards ensured a handsome look and dependable function. The carpentry and materials may have cost a little more, but the value in quality workmanship is certainly much greater for the client.

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